Hai semuanya! Ketemu lagi nih. Hehe.

Lagi pusing-pusingnya PBL (Praktik Belajar Lapangan) di Solo nih. Tepatnya di RS Dr. Moewardi. Ada yang dari Solo gak? Ketemuan yuuk *ngarep bangeeet :p*

Dan untuk mengatasi kepusinganku ini, aku memutuskan untuk membuka-buka kembali file-file lama di laptopku yang sudah berumur hampir 6 tahun. Akhirnya, aku memutuskan untuk membagikan sedikit hasil kerja kerasku ketika aku masih kelas 3 SMA. Kerja kerasku ini berupa cerpen. Cerpen yang aku buat untuk tugas Bahasa Indonesia waktu itu. Ketika aku membacanya kembali, entah kenapa mataku berair :”( Maklum, temanya keluarga dan hari ini juga lagi kangen bangeeeeet sama rumah T.T

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[CAFE] Ray – 140720 Hello~^^

Crown the Clowns

How have you all been CROWNs~!~! I’m sorry for only being active on sns like Twitter and rarely active on the official fan-cafe *bow bow*.. Everyone, did you know yesterday was C-CLOWN’s 2nd anniversary~~~!? I was restless because I didn’t know how to express just how grateful I was for everyone’s support, either on-site or via handwritten letter.ㅎ During these past two years ㅎㅎ Thank you so so much for tirelessly waiting for C-CLOWN. I think we will need to work even harder in order to pay you all back lots and lots. Also, I would once again like to thank you all for always actively uploading pretty pictures and videos on the fancafe during our promotions ㅎ Currently, it’s morning right now and I’m getting ready for Inkigayo What is everyone going to do today~? It would be nice if you could come by and see me if you…

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Narsha – I’m In Love [mp3+lyric+download link]

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{ANNOUNCEMENT} Adieu, AbsoluteMBLAQ (2009 — 2014)

My biggest information for MBLAQ ;___;


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Yoo Seung Ho dan Yeo Jin Goo, dua aktor yang telah mencuri hati ‘Noona Fans’



Yoo Seung Ho dan Yeo Jin Goo, dua aktor yang telah mencuri hati para Noona.

‘Section TV’ MBC membandingkan dua mantan aktor cilik ini, dan menemukan bahwa mereka memiliki kesamaan. Pertama, baik Yoo Seung Ho dan Yeo Jin Goo memulai debutnya sebelum mereka memasuki sekolah dasar dan telah secara konsisten dipuji karena akting mereka. Mereka juga memainkan bagian yang sama dalam drama.

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[TRANS] 140323 Excerpt from Park Yoochun’s Interview for Singles Magazine (April 2014 Issue)


 photo BjUMrHGCYAAUIZ6jpg_large.jpg

  • Q: I have heard that there is no romance in Writer Kim Eunhee’s works.

Yoochun: I wonder… I don’t know. Since it is a work that I have decided to do without even thinking about the romance from the start. So personally, I feel no regret. But not long ago, Writer-nim came out to the shooting set for a while and asked me about the romance part. However, there is still a lot Taekyung has to work out for now. So I don’t know how the story will unravel in the future.

  • Q: I have heard that you were full of praises among the staff for being serious.

Yoochun: I really like the filming set. It matches me well and I really enjoy being here. To be honest, since it is a drama that feels better shot at night… when I film, it is always cold and there are lots…

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140218 Official Promo Individual Poster of SBS Three Days


Whole Casts

Credit: SBS +  DCPYC
Shared by: 6002Sky

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